Just received this amazing feedback from a lady (whom I don't know!) via the contact form. She has kindly allowed me to use it on this website, and I'd like to say how much I appreciate her kind comments.

"HI I've laughed so much reading extracts from your book. I'd already ordered it from Amazon before reading (i'd seen it on some camper van web site) and I'm so glad I did. I'm trying to talk my french/spanish husband into the purchase of a campervan particularly for my (our) dream trip of just wandering around europe when we retire in just a few years time. We both know Arcos well and I felt I was there with you on that trek up to the parador. We've had some hairy moments in our car when travelling through Spain and have also been helped by locals who didn't seem to understand what the fuss was about! I think there is this thing about space generally with us brits and we need a lot!!! Anyway, just wanted to say that I know that I'm going to enjoy the read and wait in anticipation of delivery. By the way, the parador in the plaza at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia is fantastic. We drove into the square and immediately wondered where on earth we were going to park when we were introduced to the hotels courtesy service of someone taking your car away for you which took away all the stress after having some difficulties and cross words trying to find it!!! Keep on writing as you've got a great style. Kind regards Sue"


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